Funeral Service Includes

The complete Jewish funeral package  includes, the following:
1. Removal of the body from the place of death, or another place,
and transport to Funeral Home.
2. Procure the death certificate.
3. Refrigeration as required.
4. Provide suitable room for ritual washing (Taharah) and watching
(Shmira). Provide all necessary supplies for the ritual washing,
including muslin shroud sets, Israeli earth and clay shards, and
protective clothing for the
5.When Taharah  ritual washing is not performed FH will provide
cleaning, dressing and casketing the body.
6. Funeral Home provides all-wood pine rectangular casket -Jewish
pine box  (one of 2 caskets by your choice includes).
7.Transportation to the cemetery.
8. Provide guest register book and Shiva/ritual candle, to be given
to the family.
Please note
The Funeral Director agrees to provide any person who requests a
Jewish funeral, a complete Jewish funeral as a

Mc Donald & Son Funeral Home
150 Sawnee Dr, Cumming, GA 30040
Jewish Funeral for $2995.00
Phone: (770) 886-9899
Atlanta Jewish Funeral
Jewish funeral  strictly according to Halachik practices.  
. The $2995  does not include the
Cemetery costs
which many people don’t realize.
Cemetery plot price starting from $2500
Opening and closing a grave can run from up to $2,000,
liner vaults run anywhere from $950 to $1200.
Committee  working now to establish affordable price for
the Jewish cemetery plot, vault and opening and closing
the grave.

What you really don't need to worry at the time of the
funeral is the monument arrangement. You will have
enough time to shop around and select the right model.

The funeral provided by McDonald funeral Home  is in accordance
with the Atlanta
Funeral Practices Committee’s fixed price contract
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Mc Donald & Son Funeral Home offer complete Jewish
l for $2995 in strict adherence to Jewish standards.
150 Sawnee Dr, Cumming, GA 30040
Phone: (770) 886-9899
call and ask a Jewish Funeral for $2995.